Something Recycled, Something New

Yesterday, Earth Sense did a piece about low-environmental-impact weddings. One of their suggestions was “buy a recycled wedding dress.”

I had never thought of second-hand wedding dresses as being “recycled.” I Googled “recycled wedding dresses” and got a ton of hits, including, where you can get a ton of recycled wedding stuff. Neat! I definitely would have used that had it been around when I got married.

Elegy for a Blue Cotton Button-down

This morning, I put on my old blue cotton Lands’ End button-down shirt and discovered that it has a large rip in one sleeve. It’s not repairable – the shirt is gone. Before I take it apart for its second life as rags and extra buttons, pause with me a while as I sift through the closet of my memory.

I bought the shirt from the Lands’ End catalog in 1998. I bought a size 14 because that was the only size large enough to fit around my 38-inch ribcage, and I didn’t want the buttons gapping. I lived in Atlanta back then and worked at dot-com consulting company iXL. I used to wear the blue shirt to the office tucked into high-waisted brown pants, accented with a brown scarf around my neck.

me in the blue shirt

Me in the Blue Shirt, New Orleans 1999

Then I lost weight, moved to Charlotte, NC, and got fashion – the way some people get religion. The big blue shirt was relegated to the back of the closet, but I didn’t get rid of it because it was a Good Quality Classic Piece.

A couple years later, married and living in Columbia, SC, I found a new use for the shirt. I sprayed it down with Deep Woods Off and wore it while gardening in the back yard to fend off mosquitoes. It remained my go-to mosquito shield for the next several years.

Two children later, living in Aiken, I’ve gained back all the weight I lost all those years ago and then some. While looking desperately one morning for a shirt large and long enough to cover my belly, I re-discovered the old blue shirt. It still fit and button-downs were coming back in style, so the shirt once again became part of my regular wardrobe.

And now, after fourteen years, it’s gone. Well, it’s probably about time for a new shirt.

I’m Back!

Neither an onslaught of spam nor the untimely demise of my laptop could keep me from this blog forever. I’ve got captchas on the comments and a new iPad, and I’m ready to roll!

My Bargain Shopping Outfit

When going shopping at thrift and consignment stores, sometimes it’s just easier not to have to go all the way to a dressing room to make sure things fit. And if you’re hitting the yard sales, there are no dressing rooms. That’s why when I’m doing some serious bargain shopping I try to wear clothes that are easy to try on things on top of. For example, here’s what I wore to the Upscale Resale bag sale:
My shopping outfit

What makes up the ideal shopping outfit?

  • Close-fitting pants and shirt. I’ve got on yoga capris and a plain t-shirt.
  • No jewelry. You don’t want anything to get in the way when you’re pulling clothes on and off.
  • Slip-on shoes. I also carry a couple of those little nylon footie things in my purse for trying on shoes.
  • No lipstick or heavy foundation. I don’t want to leave makeup stains on every shirt I pull over my head. Today, I just wore Carmex, a little concealer, and some Benefit cheek stain.
  • This isn’t necessarily a great fashion statement, but it was really useful for trying on clothes. The sale was outside, so being able to just walk around to all the tables, trying on things as I went, was very convenient.

    Do you have any tips to add to the list? I’d love to hear them.

    Sale Alert: Upscale Resale

    I just received the following email from Upscale Resale (previously reviewed here):

    ANNOUNCING….. Our second annual charity bag sale.

    STUFF A BAG FOR $10.00!!!

    This Saturday, March 19
    9am til 3pm (Half price from 2pm-3pm)

    All proceeds go to Breezy Hill Baptist Church Teenlife program. Don’t miss this chance to support a worthy cause and to get some great stuff!

    **See pictures from last year on our Facebook page.

    This sounds like a great opportunity to spiff up my wardrobe a bit.

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