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Investment Color: Rust

It goes well with both navy and gray, and it hasn’t been in for long enough that you probably don’t own anything that color. I think that the dark orangey-red family of colors, usually called rust, are in for a resurgence over the next couple of years. If you buy rust now, it should look current ’til at least 2009, depending on where you live.

I created a palette over at ColourLovers to show how rust might work with possible fall colors. If you click on this palette, you may notice I named the color in the middle “oxidized.” I think the color name “rust” has too many negative associations for people. You’ll probably see it called “bittersweet” or “blood orange” or “cinnabar.” Post your own suggestions for rusty pseudonyms in the comments!

Fall 2007 Prediction

Bargain Bitten, Pricey Princesses

I just got the first issue of my free subscription to Glamour. The feature article was about Sarah Jessica Parker and her new clothing line, Bitten. It’s an interesting concept: nothing in the line costs more than $20. SJP said she wanted to design well-made, inexpensive clothing that would let anyone be fashionable.

The same evening I read this article about Disney developing a high-fashion version of their Princesses branded line of clothing. The contrast struck me, because I am usually willing to pay a little extra for clothes without visible logos or brand names on them.

Quick Update: Skirt vs. Sweater

I apologize for the unannounced hiatus. We’ve been moving to a new town, and I’ve been without internet access (or time to post, for that matter) for the last week or so.

Before I go back to unpacking boxes, I just wanted to give a quick update on the Skirt vs. Sweater challenge. So far, I’ve worn the skirt once more and the sweater not at all, bringing their CPW to $4.80 and $3.35, respectively. With more appallingly hot and humid weather forecast, I expect the skirt to pull ahead. In truth, I don’t think the sweater will catch up until it cools down again around October.

Take It All Off: Bargain Makeup Removers

One October several years ago I worked in the haunted house at Six Flags (click here for photographic evidence). I covered my entire face in thick, greasy makeup every night, yet I noticed that my skin looked better than ever. The reason? I was cleaning my face with cold cream every night.

cold creamThough I no longer wear that much stuff on my face, cold cream is still my favorite makeup remover. It cleans and moisturizes in one step, plus it’s inexpensive. I think it’s often dismissed as something only old ladies use, but I can attest that it works just fine for younger ladies, too.

baby oilMy other favorite bargain makeup remover is baby oil. I tried it after a friend recommended it as a cheaper alternative to the expensive Clinique eye makeup remover that I loved (I made my sample size last as long as I could).

Crazy Cool Patchwork Pants

Paula‚Äôs patchwork pantsMy friend Paula made these great pants by altering a pair of overalls she bought at a thrift store for $1.00. She cut off the bib part and made the straps into a sort of tie belt. I wish my camera weren’t broken so you could see them better (I took this picture with my camera phone).

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