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Now That’s Recycling!

TWM reader Becca has posted a spectacular example of what can be done with a vintage bedspread and a little creativity. Take a look at the dress she made.

I definitely admire her sewing abilities. My latest clothing re-use was turning my former favorite pair of jeans, which finally ripped through the knee, into a pair of long shorts.

Maybe I can do something clever with the leftover leg pieces.
Jean shorts leftover legs

Shop Around for Deals on the Real Thing

It’s getting easier to find designer knockoffs nowadays with stores like H&M creating facsimiles within weeks of a new look’s debut, and high-profile designers making low-cost offerings for Target. But points out you can still buy high-end designer apparel for at or near the cost of knockoffs if you’re willing to shop around some and wait for sales.

Words to live by, I say.

Skirt vs. Sweater Update

As August winds to a close, it looks like the sweater may win this after all. I’ve worn each once since I last updated, bringing the CPW for the skirt to $3.20 and the CPW for the sweater to $1.68.

However, the sweater will not win fairly. It’s been horrifically hot here with temperatures over 100 degrees most days over the past two weeks and a lightweight cotton skirt is perfect for weather like that. Unfortunately, I lost it sometime last month.

You see, we just moved in to a new house and are still unpacking boxes, so everything is a bit disorganized. I thought the skirt might have been misplaced in a drawer or languishing at the bottom of the laundry bin, but I just can’t seem to find it anywhere.

This is why I sometimes hesitate to buy more expensive, good-quality clothes: I have a tendency to lose and destroy them. Despite my best efforts, it seems awfully arbitrary which garments stand the test of time. I have a striped t-shirt I bought twelve years ago at the Fashion Bug or some such place for about $3 and it’s just now starting to wear out. Then there’s the $20 t-shirt I bought at Parisian that self-destructed after one wash in the gentle cycle (at least I was able to return it for store credit). The Domestications quilt that’s still in one piece after surviving my college dorm room and subsequent bachelorette apartments vs. the Ralph Lauren quilt I bought a couple years ago that started to come apart at the seams when I looked at it funny.

I’ve learned that quality isn’t defined by a brand name or by the price you pay, it’s something you have to learn to recognize in the feel of a fabric, the condition of little details like stitches and hems. If I’m going to take a risk on spending my hard-earned money for something, I’d rather take the risk on quality.

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Makeup 101

Calling all beauty school dropouts: Raquel13′s Makeup Tutorials are like mini-courses from a professional makeup artist. The photography is really impressive and each step is carefully detailed. I look forward to trying out her tips for the perfect red lip.

Online Shopping Browser Plug-Ins

shopping bagCourtesy of Rich from Credit Card Lowdown, Here are some nifty Firefox browser plug-ins to help you save time and money when shopping online.

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