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Could a Recession Change Shopping Prejudices?

I read via the Consumerist that Americans are spending a lot less these days. With the economy on the rocks and the word "recession" slipping from economists’ lips, it’s understandable that consumers are nervous about their financial future.

I wonder, though, whether an economic recession would be enough to make people overcome shopping prejudices. I’m speaking specifically about many people’s dislike of second-hand clothing stores. Will Americans just buy fewer clothes this year to save money, or will we see a change of heart and a surge in the number of consignment and thrift store shoppers?

Trends Are All About Details

Bargain Queen Meg has a post about why fashion trends matter. She talks about the difference between making trends work for you and being a fashion victim, noting that top fashion industry people are not themselves slaves to trends.

One way to make trends work for you and to keep your wardrobe from looking outdated is to pay attention to details. For example, look at how the shape of women’s t-shirts has changed over the last two decades:
3 t-shirts

Notice how tees have gotten tighter since the 80′s. Sleeves have also gotten tighter and shorter as shirt length has gone up then back down again. This is one reason I buy a couple new, inexpensive t-shirts at Target twice a year. They’re always the right shape and the right colors, and they’re both practical and inexpensive.

Comment Clean-Up

When I came back from vacation, I had over 700 comments waiting to be moderated, most of them spam. It would’ve taken too long to read each one so I went ahead and deleted them all. If I deleted your legitimate comment, I am very sorry.

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