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The $0 Budget Challenge

I lost my job this week. This is no furlough, like I had earlier this year. This is permanent. I’ll be sorry to leave the place I’ve worked as a web and graphic designer for the past eight years and my boss is sorry to see me go, but our research group is grant-funded and, “in these tough economic times,” there just isn’t a lot of grant money for research right now.

peanutsYesterday, my husband sat down and worked out a new budget for us, figuring out how we can get by with our income halved. We discussed various ways we can save money, cutting back on our cable service and newspaper subscriptions, for example. Having just started writing in this blog again, I thought of one way I can help.

I am setting my clothing budget to $0 for the next year, or until I get a new job, whichever comes first. I have plenty of stuff stashed away in my closets; I don’t imagine it’ll be at all hard to manage. Plus, I’m used to keeping and using clothes much longer than most people do (thus the title of this blog – I probably have socks older than some of y’all).

Terms and conditions: Clothing given as gifts doesn’t count. So, if I get some pajamas for Christmas, for example, I’m not giving them back. Exchanges or payment-in-kind is also OK, like when a lady knit me a scarf to thank me for making a poster for her church event. I just can’t spend any money on clothes.

I’ll be checking in on my progress occasionally. And, with any luck, before the year is out I will be ending the $0 Budget Challenge soon because I need to buy some clothes for my new job.

Clearing Out, Giving Away

It’s been a while since I last posted. In the intervening months I’ve had my baby and watched him grow up and take his first steps. I realized recently that my closets were full of maternity clothes that I didn’t need anymore and baby clothes that Ducky had already outgrown.

Fortunately, I have a friend who is expecting a baby in April and another friend who has a baby boy a few months younger than mine. All the extra clothes have been collected, boxed, and I’m giving them away this week. There’s no point in hanging on to these things I don’t need, especially when I know people who will really use and appreciate them.

Giving away these clothes is also good practice in letting go. I know there’s a lot of junk in my closets that I’m needlessly clinging to. The more I can get used to giving things away, the more I think I’ll be able to improve my ability to conquer the clutter in my closets.

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