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Barefoot Shoes

Today, Babyslime linked to this article about why shoes are bad for our feet. On the last page of the article, there’s a picture of the various kinds of “almost barefoot” shoes which have been developed recently. I thought to myself that these shoes might be comfortable, but they sure are ugly. Also, I’ll bet you anything they’re expensive.

ballet shoesIt then occurred to me that I already own a pair of almost-barefoot shoes. Two pairs, in fact. They’re my old ballet slippers, which I wear around the house sometimes. Ballet slippers are designed to give the foot maximum flexibility. They really are designed to be just like being barefoot – their only purpose is to protect your feet from the friction of rubbing against the floor while turning or sliding. Best of all, ballet slippers are much more feminine than the shoes in the article and a pair only costs $10-$15.

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  1. Dan says:

    Interesting article… definitely neglects the whole most-things-are-paved-especially-in-Manhattan. There’s a reason why anti-fatigue mats work – even worse than wearing shoes is spending all day standing on hard, unforgiving surfaces like concrete.

  2. Good point. There’s a reason that so many people I know who are on their feet all day are willing to pay a premium for Danskos.

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