Hair color dilemma

I’m still alive, just been in a non-posting funk. And during that time, my hair has continued to grow. Back in August, I got a lovely haircut and highlights at my favorite salon. Since I spend more time inside now than I used to, the highlights make my hair look the color I think it’s supposed to be. They also help hide the gray. They are also rather expensive.

We’re just finishing up a large home renovation project, Christmas is coming, and so is the new baby. I can’t really afford to spend the amount of money I have been spending on highlights. I’m starting to get roots, and in a few more weeks they will have reached critical status. I need to decide what to do.

Let the roots and the gray grow out? Not an option I favor. I’m heavily pregnant and need every bit of help I can get to look nice. If I were going for the full-on frowsy earth-mother look, I never should’ve gotten the highlights in the first place.

Try a home highlighting kit? I’ve considered it; I did a pretty good job once helping a friend put highlights in her hair. But I’m worried that by trying to save money that way I will make a big mess that’s expensive to correct.

Go for a single-process color? This would be cheaper, and cover up the gray. I’d probably get it done at the salon just to make sure I didn’t turn my hair pink or something. But then my hair would no longer be the color it’s “supposed” to be.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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  1. Dan says:

    I’d go with whatever contains low-impact chemicals – my mind thinks back to coverage of the winter olympics talking about hair dye used to mask steroids.

    Other thought on single process color – then you’re really in a cycle of battling roots.

  2. When I was younger I thought that the gray would grow in a way that would allow me to use a single-process, non-permanent BLONDE dye to cover the gray (Vwa-La! Highlights!!). Alas, I am learning that nature is not so generous in this regards.

    I do a single process myself – Feria… you cannot ever go wrong with Feria, plus their conditioner ROCKS.

    Glad you’re back!

  3. Gray hair stinks. Until you’re unpregnant, you might try using one of those gray hair cover sticks. They sell something at Ulta that’s like a mascara wand with temporary hair color on it. That way if you’re going out and want to cover the grays, you can just paint it on for the night. No major chemicals like when you’re coloring with a permanant dye.

  4. hey there! glad you are back to posting funklike or not… send me a picture of the grey… it can’t be THAT bad… and you look like Heidi Klum when you are pregnant. trust me, readers… it’s true. my suggestion? get a great cut, and wait til you can completely rock the salon experience before coloring again, like after la bambina/el bambino arrives…

  5. Since I rather favor the “frowsy mother earth look,” I say go for that one!! I also see that you haven’t posted in almost a month so I’m sure you’ve made a decision by now. I think a new shirt in a flattering color would go a long way toward making you feel less frowsy…:->

  6. Hi,

    Hair color is pretty much my religion.

    I’m not sure if this would work for you, but how about going just a tad adrker with an all-natural color from the health food store? There is one brand in a green box that offers a wide selection.

    I’ve heard chemical color isn’t always a great choice when your’re pregnant. So maybe go DIY, but chemical-free DIY. I say darker because you cant go lighter without chemicals.

    Then you can splurge after the baby comes! ) ok maybe a few weeks after the baby comes, when you’re finally ready to leave the house…)

    And thanks for the link! I’m about to link back to you, I love your blog!

  7. Michael says:

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