My haul from Thrift Avenue
Resale Review

Resale Review: Thrift Avenue

I’m breaking my long hiatus to blog about the great experience I had shopping at Thrift Avenue today. Thrift Avenue supports PETS Inc., which happens to be where we got two of our cats.

This is one of the best-organized thrift stores I’ve ever visited. The books are neatly organized in their own section, by topic. All the women’s clothing was organized by size and color. All the displays were neat and attractive. The store has two rooms, a regular retail space and an additional warehouse. I ran out of time to browse the warehouse, so that will have to be a separate review at a later date.

The clothes at Thrift Avenue are a mix of high- and low-end brands, current and past styles. You need to do some searching to find gems, but because everything is so neatly organized, searching isn’t hard to do. I focused on the ladies’ tops and found a few nice pieces for summer for $11. (It’s hard to tell from the picture, but that shirt on the left is a sort of burn-out sheer overshirt.)

3 shirts

I can’t wait to go back when I have more time and explore the rest of the store! And I love knowing that shopping there helps pets find their forever homes.

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