Dance Naked in the Sunshine

I won the book Granny’s Recipes, Remedies, and Helpful Hints from one of Becca’s Saturday book give-aways. The book contains all kinds of old-timey advice, remedies, recipes, and how-to’s. There’s even a section on beauty, or, as the author calls it, “Cosmetiques.” I thought it might be fun to excerpt a little of Granny’s advice here on my blog.

Value of a sun bath
A sun bath is of more worth than much warming by the fire.

Ladies who have ample leisure and who lead methodical lives, take a plunge or sponge bath three times a week, and a vapor or sun bath every day. To facilitate this very beneficial practice, a south or east apartment is desirable. The lady denudes herself, takes a seat near the window, and takes in the warm rays of the sun. The effect is both beneficial and delightful.

If, however, she be of a restless disposition, she may dance, instead of basking, in the sunlight. Or, if she be not fond of dancing, she may improve the shining hours by taking down her hair and brushing it, using sulphur water, pulverized borax dissolved in alcohol, or some similar dressing.

I suppose it goes without saying that you may want to be careful which window you choose to sunbathe in, depending on how friendly you are with the neighbors.

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    Think about skin cancer and acne…

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