September Switcheroo

It’s after Labor Day, which means it’s time for me to reorganize my wardrobe for early fall. This year, though, I’ll be doing things a little differently: since I just began my third trimester, I don’t want to buy a bunch of new clothes. I’ll need to take stock of my existing maternity wardrobe and see if it looks like enough to get me through the next three months. Other than that, my fall wardrobe switch-around routine is the same as always.

  1. Put away anything that looks too “summery.”
    I start with the obvious pieces: white sandals, white shorts, white shrunken cardigan. Next, anything that just seems out of place in the fall, like this dress and skirt:
    dress and skirt

    I know all these pieces will either feel brand-new when I take them back out next spring, or else I’ll wonder why I ever wore them and send them off to the thrift store.

  2. Bring out the jeans and long-sleeved tees.
    My closet is going to be a little crowded during this early fall time when I’m still wearing summer tops along with fall ones depending on the weather, but I know it’s only for a month or so. Then, the lightweight tops will go away to make room for sweaters.
  3. Review my shoes.
    Now is the time when I take a good, hard look at my sandals and flip-flops to determine whether they’ll make it through another summer. I hate getting rid of shoes I love, but I also know that I’m not doing myself any favors by going out in public wearing beat-up, falling apart shoes. This year, I decided that I can salvage the gladiator sandals but the brown flip-flops are too far gone. I ought to look for a replacement pair right now during summer clearance sales.
    old shoes
  4. Put away or give away anything that doesn’t fit.
    This year, that means all non-maternity clothes go into storage. Normally, this is also when I have to admit that the skirt I didn’t wear all summer (or all last fall/winter) because I just needed to lose a few pounds is probably never going to fit before it goes out of style, and it’s time for me to just let it go.

There are times I wish I had a bigger closet, but I think it’s probably better that I’m forced to pare down my wardrobe to just what I can wear right now. That makes it easier to get dressed in the morning and helps me curb my pack-rat tendencies.

My Closet

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  1. I just filled the back of my father-in-law’s truck yesterday with old, worn-out, too-small or ugly clothes. It feels SO GOOD to have all that space back.

    Now I just need to go through and put away spring/summer clothes (I’m in Virginia) and I’ll be able to fit a car in my closet or something.

  2. Oh- found you via Blissfully Domestic… thought that would be useful info somehow.

  3. Hi Susanna! I just popped over to say thanks for leaving a comment on “Inspired Bliss.” I didn’t like high school either, but I’m trying hard to not let my girls know! 🙂

  4. so… having a new ‘puppy’ helps clean out the closet in a chewed up, really smelly now kind of way. 7.5 pairs of shoes… gone. my beloved blue clogs. perhaps I should allow him free reign of the whole closet. : )

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