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Out, Out Damn Spot!

For a while now these mysterious stains have been appearing on our clean clothes when they emerge from the washer and dryer. The stains look like someone spilled cooking oil on the clothes. But if they actually were cooking oil, a little Shout and another trip through the washer ought to get the clothes clean. Unfortunately, once one of these mystery stains shows up, it’s there to stay.

As you know, I like to keep my clothes for as long as I can. So it’s frustrating when something, especially something I like, gets torn or stained beyond repair.

This morning my husband found a large mystery stain on his nearly-new pants. He declared that we must buy a new washer and dryer, because our current ones are destroying our clothes. I’m not sure whether that’s the solution, though I admit I never had this problem before we bought our current washer and dryer (7-year-old Kenmore high-efficiency front-loader set).

Has anyone else ever had this problem? Do you have any suggestions for getting rid of or preventing these troublesome, persistent stains?

I’ve circled the stain on my husband’s pants.
The one on the red shirt isn’t showing up well in this photo.

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