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The Ladies of Summer

I finally got around to updating the look of The Wardrobe Miser from Fall ’07 to Summer ’08. As I was putting together the background image, I realized that my readers (all 3 of you) might want to know who these lovely ladies are and what they’re wearing. So without further ado, here are the Ladies of Summer 2008, showing off their vintage threads.

Joan is wearing a 1953 Claire McCardell “string bean” chemise with matching jacket.
Linda is wearing a 1969 Courreges dress.
Deborah is wearing a 1973 Ted Lapidus wool pantsuit.
Kimberly is wearing a 1992 Michael Kors strapless dress with cardigan.

Comment Clean-Up

When I came back from vacation, I had over 700 comments waiting to be moderated, most of them spam. It would’ve taken too long to read each one so I went ahead and deleted them all. If I deleted your legitimate comment, I am very sorry.

Welcome to Fall!

Since it is now officially fall, I have updated TWM’s look to match the season. There are new vintage fashions in the background that I thought felt fall-like and the colors have been changed to reflect my Fall 2007 Predictions palette.

Now that I’ve updated my blog, it’s time to update my closet, too. Out with the white capris and sandals, in with the short-sleeved sweaters and jeans!

Video Experiment: TWM-TV

Why I Started This Blog

Does the blogosphere really need another bargain fashion blog? I asked myself this question before setting up The Wardrobe Miser and decided that my blog will have a few things that make it at least slightly unique.

  1. It’s not about shopping.
    As a matter of fact, TWM mostly focuses on not shopping, reusing and recycling things you (or your friends) already own.
  2. I don’t live in a fashion capital.
    It’s a little bit easier to look fashionable on the cheap when you live someplace like New York or L.A., where there are great resale and discount stores. I think a fashion blog for all the people who, like me, aren’t even within driving distance of a H&M would be useful.
  3. It’s not just about clothes.
    I also intend to blog about beauty, personal style, and just plain looking good – without spending a lot of money, of course.

Thanks for reading. For more fashion and frugality, check out the sites in my blogroll. If you have a site that ought to be listed here, let me know about it.

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