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Links: T-shirts, Shoes, and Maternity Fug

I’ve come across some great new blogs in the last week, and I’d like to share.

  1. sells great vintage T-shirts. These are real classic, used tees, not something faux-distressed to look "vintage".
  2. Kadi over at Simply Thrifty posts about how hard it is for her to pare down her shoe wardrobe. I completely sympathize.
  3. Artist and mother Delilah offers up some examples of the worst of current maternity fashion. Sadly, there was enough material for a sequel.

T-shirt Purge

This past weekend, I cleared 7 old shirts out of my closet. What’s momentous about getting rid of these particular shirts is that they fall into two categories which I have a hard time purging: newish/practical, and old/sentimental. (“Newish” means “purchased within the last 3-4 years.”)

You know how putting on your favorite shirt makes you feel? How you look in the mirror and think how good you look and step out the door with confidence? These shirts were the opposite. When I put them on, I thought about how wrong they looked, how they were too short or too baggy. I looked in the mirror and felt old and dumpy.

Maybe most people would’ve gotten rid of shirts like these long ago, but I have that little voice in my head that tells me I mustn’t get rid of anything practical. For instance, one of these shirts was a plain red t-shirt. I remember wearing it about 3 years ago and feeling great about how I looked. But now it has one of those mysterious stains on the front (that’s the shirt itself in the picture on that post). Also, it is kind of short and boxy, which I think makes it look dated.

“But it’s a plain red t-shirt! It goes with so many things! It’s so practical, you can’t get rid of it!” says the little voice in my head.

I am learning to silence that little voice by reminding myself that there is no reason for me to walk around feeling ugly. I am not poor enough that I will miss that shirt, and not having it around taking up space and making me feel guilty for owning clothes I don’t even wear anymore will make me feel better every time I open the closet door.

The sentimental shirts were maybe a little easier to get rid of. With the passing of time, my definition of what’s worth keeping changes. I no longer felt so attached to my SF Giants jersey or my St. Philip’s Cathedral polo shirt. I have good memories of going to Giants games with my sister and the friends I made at St. Philip’s, but I don’t need the shirts in order to hold on to those memories.

So seven shirts were put in a box and taken to the Salvation Army, never to be seen again. Unless, of course, I happen to come across one while shopping.

Consignment in Columbia

The State had an article this past Sunday titled "Resale paradise", about how the lousy economy is good for resale shops. The article focuses mainly on consignment stores, and includes a few tips for resale shoppers.

Apparently, there is a new consignment store next to Revente, the grande dame of consignment in Columbia. Sid and Nancy (warning: that links to a MySpace page with loud music) is owned by the same people, but I’m guessing from the name and web site that it’s geared toward younger, trendier shoppers, whereas Revente is the place to look for suits, office garb, and formalwear.

Review: Marshalls Shoe Megashop

I’m a big fan of discount shopping. At least a third of the clothes in my closet probably come from Marshalls, TJ Maxx and their fellow big box discount stores. So when a PR rep from Marshalls contacted me about doing a review of their new Shoe Megashop in exchange for a $50 gift card, I thought the assignment sounded right up my alley.

Shopping for shoes in discount big box stores (hereafter abbreviated DBB) can be kind of hit-and-miss. What you usually find are several racks crammed with a jumble of shoes more or less arranged by size. This kind of shopping appeals to the treasure hunter in me, but I admit it can be time consuming. When I lived in Charlotte, I used to buy my shoes at DSW, which has the shoes arranged by category and carries several sizes of each style. Stein Mart had been the only DBB to use this kind of display, and now Marshalls has followed suit.

Marshalls falls in the crowded zone between TJ Maxx’s cheap & trendy and Stein Mart’s nice & frumpy. It makes sense they’d want to differentiate themselves from Ross and Kohl’s, and the Shoe Megashop is one way to do that. Did they succeed? I visited the Marshalls out on Harbison Blvd. to find out.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

msm_boxes.jpgThe new Shoe Megashop takes up almost a quarter of the store. It has a much, much wider selection than Stein Mart’s shoe section, despite the similar layouts. The shoes are arranged by type, just like at DSW: women’s dress, women’s casual, children’s, men’s dress and casual. And for those who still love the treasure hunt, there is a large clearance rack that wraps around the aisles of shoes.

msm_racks.jpgI thought they had an excellent selection of brands. There were plenty of good department store brands such as Anne Klein, and I even found a few pairs of Born sandals (sadly, none in my size). I was also impressed by the prices. I often find when I shop that I have unrealistic ideas about how much something ought to cost, but these shoe prices were all within what I would be willing to pay at a DBB (generally, 50% off "retail"), and the clearance prices were even less.

msm_purchase.jpgWith my $50 gift card I was able to buy three pairs of shoes, two for me and one for my little boy. Would I make the Marshalls Shoe Megashop my destination for shoe shopping? I’m not sure, there are still a lot of discount shoe specialty stores nearby. But I do know that if I needed to put together an entire outfit or if I were shopping for both clothes and shoes on the same trip, I would definitely shop at Marshalls. The layout of their new shoe department does save time, and the wider selection means I’d have a better chance of finding what I was looking for than I would at other DBBs.

Pardon me, Lindsay…

…your slip is showing. (Scroll down to the second picture.)

After mourning the demise of the slip, I was very surprised to see this picture of one of the icons of modern skank wearing one. Though, it’s not exactly like she’s gone all modest on us; if she weren’t wearing a skirt short and flimsy enough to fly up when someone sneezes next to her, we’d never have known what she had on underneath.

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