Pardon me, Lindsay…

…your slip is showing. (Scroll down to the second picture.)

After mourning the demise of the slip, I was very surprised to see this picture of one of the icons of modern skank wearing one. Though, it’s not exactly like she’s gone all modest on us; if she weren’t wearing a skirt short and flimsy enough to fly up when someone sneezes next to her, we’d never have known what she had on underneath.

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  1. Oh that is a riot(:) short -short dress and all that…plus a mini slip a showing.. what she is needing is a good old pair of Panteloons..LOL
    well I have to admit I wish I had her legs…
    Hugs Patty

  2. Its hardly worth wearing a slip… better off going with spray on stockings!

  3. Hee! I love the idea of LiLo wearing pantaloons. It could start a whole new trend!

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