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Give Them the Slip

This weekend I threw away an old slip with shot elastic. Since we were going to Target anyway, I decided to buy my replacement there. To my surprise, their lingerie department had dozens of examples of obscure foundation garments but not one plain, simple slip.

Ladies’ undergarments c. 1898I commented to my husband that this shouldn’t have surprised me at all. I see too many women walking around with their underwear showing through their skirts and sunlight outlining every curve and dimple. The variety of examples available on What Not to Wear and Glamour’s Dos and Don’ts is evidence that a lot of women just toss on their clothes and walk out the door with nary a glance in the mirror.

Maybe the modern woman sees a slip as anachronistic, but I can’t think of anything else that serves the same purpose. If you’re wearing an unlined skirt, a slip keeps it from sticking to your tights and bunching up while you walk. A slip hides visible panty lines and keeps the sun from shining through thin fabrics like an x-ray. And, utility aside, a slip and bra can be a sexy and unexpected lingerie combination.

I guess I’m going to have to go to Belk’s or Dillard’s to find a replacement slip. Or, Macy’s web site has a good selection. And check out the gorgeous options at

What do you think? Do you wear slips, or do you think they’re a relic from the last century?

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Amen, sister. I see waaaay too many women whose outfits would be just fine…if they were only wearing slips. I’ve bought slips at Target before, but I think the last time I looked, I ended up having to go to JC Penney. Wal-Mart still carries them, I think.

  2. I’m in my mid-20s and I’m a huge advocate of slips! I can’t understand how more women don’t wear them because they do solve so many problems — and they’re comfy.

    I almost always wear a dress or a skirt — and always with a slip. However, I only have two half slips, one black and one beige. I keep my eyes out for more, but I can never find them. Walmart has them, but they’re super long — and they have them in white instead of beige! I asked about them at Macy’s and they looked at me funny and said that maybe everyone just wears shapewear now (unfortunately, 1. no, most people don’t wear it or slips, 2. and more importantly, it does NOT work the same).

  3. Meg, I completely agree about shapewear (thanks for the nice new word to add to my vocabulary, by the way -much more modern than “foundation garments”). It doesn’t make you look any less naked under a thin, unlined skirt. Plus, who wants to gird her loins with heavy spandex in hot weather?

  4. Exactly, Susanna!

    And no, I definitely don’t want to wear shapewear when it’s hot — which is just about all the time here. It was in the 80s just this week!

    I love slips in the summer, though, because they feel so nice and cool. Plus they create somewhat of a sweat barrier.

  5. Tina says:

    I know this is super late to be commenting, but I had a strange experience at a JCPenney sometime in the past year. I went looking for a half slip to go under a white cotton skirt I’d just bought, and the sales clerk told me that they had phased them out at her store over the previous few months. The reason, she said, was that slips weren’t being made any more; everyone was wearing shapewear now. ::rolls eyes::

    Slips are still out there, but not nearly as easy to find as they were. I have recently seen them at Dillard’s.

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