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The New Goth

Like many other fashion bloggers, I keep my eye on the big spring and fall shows in New York to see where trends are going. Looking at the shows gives me some kind of zeitgeist for where fashion is headed, and an occasional longing for some fabulously expensive item that can’t be purchased by mere mortals.

But every now and then I see a designer who really does something different. The Rodarte Fall 2008 collection is a work of art. The looks are beautifully constructed and, I think, offer a fresh perspective on the goth aesthetic. Goth has been really overdone as of late, to the point where you can buy baby clothes at Wal-Mart with skulls on them. This Rodarte collection, by contrast, is a far cry from “mall goth” and convincingly dark. Who would have thought that red and white chiffon could look so sinister?

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  1. I loved the evening gowns. The skirts are all too bunchy at the waist for me. My waist is so short that I need the empire bust or something a bit sleeker. If a skirt fastens at the waist, it’s bad news for me…

  2. I think those chiffon dresses could look great re-imagined with empire waists. As the Fashionista blog mentioned, these designs aren’t really wearable off the runway, but they’re so pretty to look at no one seems to mind. They’ve given me some great ideas for color pairings.

  3. Hey susanna, I’m not sure if you noticed, but you won one of the Saturday Bookaways. Email me your address and I’ll get it in the mail to you next week!

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