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How Much Are You Wearing? asks How Much Money Are You Wearing Today? It’s interesting to see the various total outfit costs posted in the comments.

inexpensive outfitOf course, as I’ve said before, it’s not the initial cost of an item that matters to me but its cost per wear over time. Even so, I thought I’d try and add up the cost of what I’m wearing today. I’m wearing a fairly new pair of pants, purchased for around $6-$8 at T.J. Maxx. My shoes were bought at Target last year for somewhere between $10 and $20 and my bra is brand-new, $13 (marked down from $45) from Vicki’s. However, I bought my shirt and underwear so long ago (2 years and approximately 6 years, respectively) that I can’t even remember what they cost.

And the scary thing is, I have even older socks and underwear in my drawers, and that’s after a serious purging effort. That’s why I named my blog “The Wardrobe Miser.”

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  1. You are so funny. I read you’re not supposed to wear underwear for longer than six months.

  2. Six months? I say, wear them until they look nasty or the elastic is shot. Some undies I have haven’t lasted 6 months, others have lasted a lot longer. However, I can’t say that I’ve ever seen undies last more than a couple years.

    Just counting shoes and outer clothing, I guestimate that most of my outfits cost between $30-$50. I’ve actually started shopping for better quality pieces, so the average might go up a bit, but I expect the cost-per-wear to be the same or better. Bras cost me about $20 for a good one; undies cost about $2. I get the modal ones from Target. They’re divine.

  3. lisa says:

    My favorite pair of undies is around 8 years old. I hold on to my comfortable ones till they disintegrate…which leads me to ask, what brand are the modal ones at Target? I need to replenish my supply, and I love Target so much I pretty much live there. 🙂

  4. Hm, I haven’t tried the Modal brand – will have to check that out. I love American Eagle, but they’re kind of pricey.

    Back in junior high, I clearly remember wearing underwear with the elastic so shot that only my pants were holding them up and hand-me-down bras. My family wasn’t poor, just frugal. I picked up the habit, but eventually realized frugality has its limits – it made me feel quite well-off to throw out all the dilapidated, holey socks and underwear in my drawers a few years ago and replace them with new ones.

  5. re: Edith Head…nobody knew who I was and when James told them about the Incredibles character, they thought I was dressing up like “Edna,” not Edith. Guess I was just in the wrong crowd but I was kind of disappointed!

  6. I really like your understanding of “cost per wear or use”. This holds true in a lot of things from a washing machine to a piece of finely made jewelry… average it out over the next several generations (that would be the fine jewelry and not the washing machine example) and your cost per day or use is less than a glass of water. and in reality, would probably be worth more in 2 generations so, the cost per use is now a profit.

    THis is why people of means have “means”… they understand this concept. paying more for a worthy piece of jewelry or art or clothing in the end is either not a cost at all or, an investment.

    Nicely made “things” cost more but they simply outlast poorly made “things” in pretty much every category… the adage “you get what you pay for” should be changed to reflect today’s mainstream to be “consider yourself “lucky” if you get what you pay for” 🙂 but, still, there are a lot of manufacturers in the world who are demanding of quality and customers who like you understand this basic principle.

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