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I’m Back!

Neither an onslaught of spam nor the untimely demise of my laptop could keep me from this blog forever. I’ve got captchas on the comments and a new iPad, and I’m ready to roll!

Thinking About Hand-Me-Downs

Today I’m guest-blogging over at Desperately Seeking Sanity about hand-me-down baby clothes, though the thoughts could certainly apply to any hand-me-downs, and to used clothing in general. Thanks to Heather for letting me guest-blog, and happy Fourth of July to everyone!

Seven Random and Weird Things

I’ve been memed by Tracee over at So Sioux Me and asked to post seven random and weird things about myself. In keeping with the theme of TWM, I’ve gone to my closet for inspiration. (And just so you know, this is our storage closet, not the closet I get dressed out of every day.)

  1. pirate dressI’m very proud of this dress because I made it. It’s the most complicated sewing project I’ve ever completed. I made it for the annual Halloween Pirate Pub Crawl we do with our friends.
  2. 100_0602.jpgYes, I own an ugly Christmas sweater. This one is vintage 1989. You never know when it will come in handy!
  3. 100_0604.jpgAn authentic Giants jersey from before the last uniform redesign. My sister and I were big fans back in high school.
  4. 100_0603.jpgA vintage leather minidress filched from my mom’s costume closet. My mom did costumes for a lot of our middle school plays so people gave her all kinds of interesting old clothes and jewelry.
  5. 100_0605.jpgThe crazy tie-died shirt I bought while in college at Sewanee. I remember wearing this to my initiation into Milliways (a drinking club) on Spring Party Weekend.
  6. 100_0608.jpgThese are my "skinny jeans." I bought them last year when all my other pants were too baggy and I wanted something fitted. Since then, I have gained ten pounds so they hang in the storage closet. But mark my words, one day I will fit into them again!
  7. 100_0611.jpgThe red satin cocktail dress I bought while on a business trip in England in 2000. This is what I was wearing the night I got the infamous updo. This is just one of the many dresses in my collection, which really deserves its own series of posts. I’ve been collecting dresses since high school.

Blog Carnivals for the Week of June 4

The week’s almost over, but I think I’ve finally figured out the publishing schedule. No submissions from TWM this time around.

Bits of Beauty #6

The latest Bits of Beauty blog carnival has been posted over at Tonic Gifts. Included is The Wardrobe Miser post Change is Good, as well as lots of other great posts on subjects ranging from sleep to body image.

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