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The New Goth

Like many other fashion bloggers, I keep my eye on the big spring and fall shows in New York to see where trends are going. Looking at the shows gives me some kind of zeitgeist for where fashion is headed, and an occasional longing for some fabulously expensive item that can’t be purchased by mere mortals.

But every now and then I see a designer who really does something different. The Rodarte Fall 2008 collection is a work of art. The looks are beautifully constructed and, I think, offer a fresh perspective on the goth aesthetic. Goth has been really overdone as of late, to the point where you can buy baby clothes at Wal-Mart with skulls on them. This Rodarte collection, by contrast, is a far cry from “mall goth” and convincingly dark. Who would have thought that red and white chiffon could look so sinister?

Give Them the Slip

This weekend I threw away an old slip with shot elastic. Since we were going to Target anyway, I decided to buy my replacement there. To my surprise, their lingerie department had dozens of examples of obscure foundation garments but not one plain, simple slip.

Ladies’ undergarments c. 1898I commented to my husband that this shouldn’t have surprised me at all. I see too many women walking around with their underwear showing through their skirts and sunlight outlining every curve and dimple. The variety of examples available on What Not to Wear and Glamour’s Dos and Don’ts is evidence that a lot of women just toss on their clothes and walk out the door with nary a glance in the mirror.

Maybe the modern woman sees a slip as anachronistic, but I can’t think of anything else that serves the same purpose. If you’re wearing an unlined skirt, a slip keeps it from sticking to your tights and bunching up while you walk. A slip hides visible panty lines and keeps the sun from shining through thin fabrics like an x-ray. And, utility aside, a slip and bra can be a sexy and unexpected lingerie combination.

I guess I’m going to have to go to Belk’s or Dillard’s to find a replacement slip. Or, Macy’s web site has a good selection. And check out the gorgeous options at

What do you think? Do you wear slips, or do you think they’re a relic from the last century?

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