Change Is Good

rather datedThis morning I was reminded why it’s important to turn a critical eye on yourself occasionally and consider making a change to your look. I saw an attractive woman I know, whom I know is several years younger than I am, all dressed up. If I didn’t know her, though, I would’ve thought she was a few years older than I am.

Her hair and makeup were straight out of 1995. They not only aged her, they distracted from her natural beauty. So the next time you get a haircut, stop and think: have I had the same hairstyle since high school? If so, it’s probably time to make at least a small change. Any good hairdresser will be willing to suggest something to update your look that’s not too drastic.

And when your favorite lipstick runs out, consider replacing it with a different color. I wore Clinique Different Lipstick in Guava Stain for several years, then finally admitted that since my wardrobe and age and hair had changed since college it was probably time for my lipstick to change, too. That simple change really did a lot for my appearance.

Finally, stop and think about your morning routine. Are you glopping on tons of mascara and eyeliner just because you always have? Using the same curling iron and hair spray technique every day? Try doing something different: cut back on makeup if you usually wear a lot, or put some on if you always go bare-faced. Eschew your favorite hair products and styling tools for a day and see what happens. You may even like the result and garner compliments.

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  1. Another thing I like to do is look at adding colour to my wardrobe if I notice I’m wearing a lot of the same colour all the time.

  2. I must admit that I love to change my look. I couldn’t even begin to imagine keeping the one hair style let alone the same hair colour since I left school!

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