Bargain Bitten, Pricey Princesses

I just got the first issue of my free subscription to Glamour. The feature article was about Sarah Jessica Parker and her new clothing line, Bitten. It’s an interesting concept: nothing in the line costs more than $20. SJP said she wanted to design well-made, inexpensive clothing that would let anyone be fashionable.

The same evening I read this article about Disney developing a high-fashion version of their Princesses branded line of clothing. The contrast struck me, because I am usually willing to pay a little extra for clothes without visible logos or brand names on them.

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  1. Hi — thanks for linking to my site! I’ve returned the favor … great design and tips you’ve got here!

  2. Hi there…I Googled for disney princesses, but found your page about Bargain Bitten, Pricey Princesses…and have to say thanks. nice read.

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