Investment Color: Rust

It goes well with both navy and gray, and it hasn’t been in for long enough that you probably don’t own anything that color. I think that the dark orangey-red family of colors, usually called rust, are in for a resurgence over the next couple of years. If you buy rust now, it should look current ’til at least 2009, depending on where you live.

I created a palette over at ColourLovers to show how rust might work with possible fall colors. If you click on this palette, you may notice I named the color in the middle “oxidized.” I think the color name “rust” has too many negative associations for people. You’ll probably see it called “bittersweet” or “blood orange” or “cinnabar.” Post your own suggestions for rusty pseudonyms in the comments!

Fall 2007 Prediction

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  1. […] Since it is now officially fall, I have updated TWM’s look to match the season. There are new vintage fashions in the background that I thought felt fall-like and the colors have been changed to reflect my Fall 2007 Predictions palette. […]

  2. Those colors are so cool/blue toned. I can’t possibly wear anything in that range. Well, I guess the blue and the ivory are workable. Maybe a brown with auburn tones would suffice for the rust??

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