Quality Is Worth It

I paid $16.20 for a tank top a few days ago. That may sound excessive, especially for someone who calls herself “The Wardrobe Miser,” but I think this was a worthwhile purchase. I’m pretty sure this shirt will last for a long time.

You see, just before my son was born, my sister gave me a bunch of baby clothes. Some of them had been worn by her two children, and some had been handed down to her children from their cousins in Belgium. These miracle onesies that were still in good condition after being worn by four babies were made by Petit Bateau.

So when I saw a Petit Bateau tank top on sale at Bluefly, I knew it would make a good investment piece. This ought to last well past the point when it goes out of style, and even then I can keep wearing it as pajamas or a layering piece. Plus it’s substantial enough that I can wear it as a top by itself, yet stretchy and lightweight enough that it fits me nicely.

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  1. That was a smart purchase because that top is never going to be out of style. A top that holds its shape and color is worth the extra $$.

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