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Free Accessory #1: A Smile

"Hey hobo man, hey Dapper Dan
You’ve both got your style
But brother, you’re never fully dressed
Without a smile!"
– Annie the Musical

smileAfter my previous post about shopping I thought it would be appropriate to write about some free ways to improve your look. One obvious way to look good is to smile. You can be wearing $25 lipstick and $80 moisturizer, but if you’re scowling you’re probably not looking your most attractive.

As proof of the attractive power of a nice smile, look at the proliferation of tooth-whitening products and consmetic dentistry procedures advertised today. We want our smiles to look the best they can and are often willing to spend a lot of money on them. That’s not really necessary for most people, though. Just regular brushing and flossing will do a remarkable job of keeping your smile sparkling.

Even if you don’t have perfect teeth, a smile’s still more attractive than a frown. A small smile can even give you an air of mystery, and it’s cheaper than perfume.

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  1. It definately lights up your eyes!

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