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Free Accessory #2: Attitude

How does someone get away with wearing an outfit like this? Honestly, it’s about 90% confidence. Yes, I know she has a great figure, but that wouldn’t do her any good if she were slouching, staring at the ground, and tugging on the bottom of her dress.

While it’s good to wear clothes that are flattering and occasion-appropriate, you don’t necessarily have to do either if you’ve got enough confidence. Now, I’m not suggesting you go grocery shopping in your old prom dress (though doesn’t that sound like fun?). Projecting the right attitude means not having to worry endlessly about whether those pants make your rear look big or whether you’re overdressed for the wedding.

If you’re unsure about the way you look, you’re not looking your best. One way to improve your attitude is to just get rid of the clothes that give you problems. I have a dress I absolutely love that has gotten too small. If I’m constantly tugging on it and glancing down to make sure the buttons haven’t popped open, I look nervous and fidgety. So that dress is going to Goodwill.

It helps to think of your attitude like an accessory and to pick one that matches the look you want, whether it’s professional, sexy, fun-loving, hip, or anything else.

One of the best tips I found for putting on an attitude like you’d put on a hat comes from a book that my friends in college called "the little red book." While most of the book is not germane to this blog, a couple of passages from the first chapter are very relevant:

Feel sexy and you will be sexy.

No kidding. Try it and see. Many great philosophers have said that you are what you think you are. And it certainly holds true for sexiness. Even if you’re not gorgeous, or voluptuous – even if you’re not feeling particularly sexy at the moment. Just conjure up your own sexy self-image. Pretty soon you’ll feel sexy and therefore be sexy.

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