The Fall of the Empire

Laura over at Flypaper points out that the empire waist trend seems to be ending, and that many designers are introducing drop-waist styles for fall. For me personally, the timing couldn’t be better. Yes, I will be wearing some empire waist styles by necessity between now and January, but after that, I look forward to embracing the dropped waist.

Why do I like this style so much? Done right, drop-waist styles can not only hide a thick waist but also camouflage short legs. Since my waist, hips, and thighs are all about the same width, any garment that makes it unclear where one stops and the other starts gives the illusion that underneath my drop-waist cardigan hides an extra 3 inches of legs and an hourglass figure. Or, at least not a waist as wide as mine actually is, or as wide as mine will actually be for a few months until I’ve lost the baby weight.

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  1. Dan says:

    Good riddance to empire waist dresses. They seem to be good only for billowing up indecently and making their wearer look more like a little girl’s doll.

  2. George always comments that they make women look pregnant. Which is fine for me right now, but once I’m not anymore, I won’t want to look like I am!

  3. vfc says:

    and I say… let them eat cake. dropped waists on lovely slender folks such as your self? great. on me with my baby got back side? horrid. love the site.

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