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Trend Prediction for Fall/Winter 2007

One thing that excites me about blogging is the opportunity to make public prognostications about where fashion is headed. Fashion designers and magazines always dictate what they think next season’s trends ought to be, but they can’t all be right. Ultimately, consumers will pick the trends that succeed.

Based on where I see the pop culture zeitgeist headed, I think steampunk is going to be the leading trend for the coming fall and winter. Think Gilded Age meets Goth, or Gay 90s plus 80s Retro.
Fashion from 1877 and 1987

For authentic inspiration, go to the source and download Steampunk Magazine. Issue #2 has some fashion articles, including a DIY apron project and advice on facial hair for gentlemen. For a more down-to-earth (so to speak) take on the trend, watch Mandy Moore’s new video, “Extraordinary.”

I use predictions like this not to go out and buy a bunch of new stuff, but to edit my current wardrobe, to decide what to pull out of or put into storage, what to alter, and what to get rid of. And when I do buy new clothes, I can buy them with an eye toward their lasting for several years and not going out of style immediately.

Here are my suggestions for how to incorporate Steampunk into your fall and winter wardrobe:

  • Color: brown, gray, dark metallics like gunmetal and bronze
  • Fabric: leather (real or faux), lace, pinstripes
  • Cut: high necklines, puffed sleeves, fitted waistlines, tapered pants and skirts (yes, I think tapered pants are finally back to stay for a while)

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  1. Hmmmm…. I think that was what I was going for last fall on goth nights. Maybe I’ll have another excuse to wear my corsets and black lace skirts 🙂

  2. Interesting. I am all about puffed sleeves and high necklines. Does that include crinolines, vests and chokers as well? If so, I need to get cracking on that fall wardrobe!

  3. Ooh, I hadn’t thought about vests. Yes, I agree they are probably going to be much more prominent this fall than last.

  4. I have recently heard that aprons are the latest trend – I think that is kinda cool!
    Also, I added you to my blogroll
    Take Care

  5. Dawn, thanks for the add!
    I like the look of the shop-type apron they have in the magazine. I like those better than the waitress-type aprons that were trendy around 2000.

  6. Marin…

    I Love this page design, makes reading the articles a real pleasure….

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